About Us

  • We created the CeMi in early 2018 to merge the efforts of the Centre for Cell Engineering (CCE) at the School of Molecular Bioscience and the Microenvironments for Medicine group (MiMe) at the School of Engineering, both groups at the University of Glasgow.

    The Centre is led by Prof Matthew Dalby (SMB), Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez (Bioengineering) and Prof Stuart Reid (University of Strathclyde). Our team has a long history of work together, in cell and biomedical engineering science and its translation to clinical application. CCE was founded by the late Professors Adam Curtis and Chris Wilkinson as early as 1997; Dr Mathis Riehle worked as a PDRA with Profs Curtis and Wilkinson in the late 90’s and has been Director of the CCE since 2006. Prof Dalby and MD Mr Dominic Meek met at CCE and launched the GLORI events from 2009. Prof Salmeron-Sanchez moved from Valencia to Glasgow in 2013 as Head of the Biomedical Engineering Division at the School of Engineering. He set-up the MiMe Research Group, already with ongoing collaborations with the team at CCE.

    Research in our labs is focused on understanding the interactions between materials, proteins and cells to engineer and control cell behaviour and stem cell differentiation.

    Explore our website to learn more about the ongoing research and the people behind the science.