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CeMi Seminar Series 2023-2024

  • CeMi Seminar Series 2023-24

    Seminars take place on Tuesdays, 10 a.m.

    3rd October

    Venue:  Studio 2, ARC

    Speaker 1: Prof. Matthew Dalby & Dr. Miguel Pineda
    Talk title: Welcome session for the academic year.

    Speaker 2: Dr. Vineetha Jayawarna
    Talk title: General lab guidelines.

    10th October

    Venue:  Studio 2, ARC

    Speaker 1: Assoc. Prof. Jenny Malmstron

    Talk title: “Hydrogels with spatial and temporal control over mechanical properties”

    24th October

    Venue:  Studio 2, ARC

    Speaker 1: Giuseppe Ciccone
    Talk title: “Matrix viscoelasticity and dimensionality regulate epithelial cell behaviour”

    Quick speaker: Emma Kelly
    Talk title: “CeMi proposal for Glasgow Science Festival”

    31st October

    Venue: Studio 2, ARC

    Speaker 1: Dr. Haleh Fotowat

    Talk title: “Towards Understanding the Neural Basis of Behavior, From Animals to Biological Machines”

    7th November

    Venue:  Studio 2, ARC

    Speaker 1: Rui Ling Lee
    Talk title: “Investigating the immunomodulatory and anti-cancer effects of acemannan in acute myeloid leukaemia”

    Speaker 2: Hannah Lamont
    Talk title: “Modulation of 3D collagen architecture and cellular phenotype”

    14th November

    Venue: 237C,  ARC

    Speaker 1: Sabah Sardar
    Talk title: “Identifying label-free biomarkers for visceral myopathy”

    Speaker 2: Ioanna Rigou
    Talk title: “Nanovibrational control of chondrogenic differentiation”

    21st November

    Venue: 237C, ARC

    Speaker 1: Assoc. Prof. Sylvain Gabriele
    Talk title: “Mechanobiology of epithelial cells in curved and confined spaces”

    5th December

    Venue: 237C,  ARC

    Speaker 1 : Euan Douglas Urquhart
    Talk title: “Acemannan-based hydrogels for wound healing”

    Speaker 2 : Ioannis-Aggelos Tsigkos
    Talk title: “Bioengineering 3D leukemic niches to develop stem cell therapies”


    12th December

    Venue: ARC

    Speaker 1 : Dr. Laura Sabio Rodriguez
    Talk title:

    Speaker 2 : Emma Kelly
    Talk title: