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CeMi Seminar Series 2022-2023

  • CeMi Seminar Series 2022-23

    Seminars take place on Tuesdays, 10am.

    11th October

    Venue: 237 ARC
    Speaker 1: Lola Ajayi
    Talk title: Correlating collagen matrix remodelling with mammary tumour progression

    Speaker 2: Nadia Soulioti
    Talk title: Collagen scaffolds with tumour spheroids to correlate breast cancer and obesity

    25th October

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker 1: Anna Maria Kapetanaki
    Talk title: Towards High Throughput Mechanosensitivity Assays

    1st November

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker 1: Seb Doherty-Boyd
    Talk title: Developing a synthetic bone marrow niche for HSC maintenance and genetic manipulation

    8th November

    Venue: Studio 2
    Speaker 1: Dr Miguel Pineda
    Talk title: Sugar is not just for tea! Sweet tasting fibroblasts in chronic inflammation

    15th November

    Venue: Studio 2
    Speaker 1: Chloe Rogers
    Talk title: Development of an in vitro model of the bone marrow niche focussing on the mechanobiology of cancer stem cells

    6th December

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker 1: Dr Donata Iandolo
    Talk title: Bioelectronics to study and regenerate bone

    13th December

    Venue: 237A
    Speaker 1: Dr Lluis Cervello
    Talk title: Multifunctional biomimetic peptides for bone tissue engineering

    Speaker 2: Ioanna Rigou
    Talk title:Development of a Solid Phase Delivery System for Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles

    10th January

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker: Dora Rogkoti
    Talk title: Modelling the Bone Marrow niche in vitro using PEG-based viscoelastic hydrogels

    17th January

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker: Dr Rachel Colman
    Talk title: Intellectual Property & University Research

    31st January

    Venue: Studio 2 ARC
    Speaker: Dr Ricky Wildman
    Talk title: Additive BioFabrication – High precision fabrication for regenerative medicine

    28th March

    Venue: 237C
    Speaker: Dr Christopher McCormick

    18th April

    Speaker: Prof Ana Gil, Metabolomics in Stem Cell Research: contributing to improved tissue regeneration strategies
    Talk title: Metabolomics in Stem Cell Research: contributing to improved tissue regeneration strategies

    25th April

    Speaker 1: Zonghan Gan
    Speaker 2: Chara Dimitriadi Evgendi

    2nd May

    Speaker 1: Matt Walker
    Speaker 2: Alex Rodrigo-Navarro

    23rd May

    Speaker 1: Rosalia Cuahtecontzi Delint
    Speaker 2: Giuseppe Ciccone

    30th May

    Speaker: Lauren Hope

    6th June
    Later start time: 10.30am

    Speaker: Dr Kristina Kirschner, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
    Talk title: Clonal hematopoiesis and non-malignant diseases of ageing in the blood

    13th June

    Speaker 1: Conor Robinson

    Speaker 2: Matthew Woods, Franke Lab