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CeMi Seminar Series 2022

  • CeMi Seminar Series 2022

    Seminars take place on Tuesdays, 10am.


    11th Jan

    Speaker: Ana San Felix
    Talk title: Bridging the gap between the mechanical and metabolic activity in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation.

    18th Jan

    Speaker: Yinbo Xiao
    Talk title: Bioengineering the bone marrow niche for the ex vivo study of its biological characteristics.

    25th Jan

    Speaker: Prof Sirio Dupont, University of Padua
    Mechanobiology Laboratory | dmm (
    Talk title:
    Mechano-metabolic control of redox homeostasis and metastasis chemotherapy resistance

    1st Feb

    Speaker: Dr Rosalia Cuahtecontzi Delint
    Talk title: In-vitro studies of 2D orthopaedic implants with cell instructive nanotopographies.

    8th Feb

    Speaker: Sara Bartlome
    Talk title: MSC-derived extracellular vesicles and their influence on breast cancer cell dormancy within the bone marrow niche.

    22nd Feb

    Speaker: Dr Eileen Gentleman
    Talk title: Harnessing cell-mediated matrix remodeling within 3D biomaterials for regenerative medicine and disease modelling.

    1st Mar

    Speaker: Seb Doherty-Boyd
    Talk title: TBA

    8th Mar

    Speaker: Simon Clark
    Talk title:

    Speaker: Tom Laverty
    Talk title:

    15th Mar

    Speaker: Morta Antanaviciute
    Talk title:

    22nd Mar

    Speaker: Sabah Sardar
    Talk title: TBA

    Speaker: Xinyu Li
    Talk title: TBA

    29th Mar

    Speaker: Dr Mark Sprott
    Talk title: TBA

    19th Apr


    26th Apr

    Speaker: Camilla Romagnoli
    Talk title: TBA

    Speaker: Eonan Pringle
    Talk title: TBA

    3rd May

    Speaker: Matthew Walker
    Talk title: TBA

    10th May


    17th May

    Speaker: Marta Cubero Sarabia
    Talk title: TBA

    24th May

    Speaker: Dr Udesh Dhawan
    Talk title: TBA

    31st May


    7th Jun

    Speaker: Anna Maria Kapetanaki
    Talk title: TBA

    14th Jun

    Speaker: Eva Barcelona-Estaje
    Talk title: TBA

    21st Jun