• Upcoming events at the CeMi

    Glasgow Science Festival: September 2021. 

    Join us at the GSF (dates tbc) to learn all about the life of a Stem Cell in our activity ‘Regenerate’! Find out how Stem Cells can differentiate (become specialised) and learn about the different types and where they are found in the body.

    Keep updated by visiting: Glasgow Science Festival or emailing

    CeMi Seminar Series – from September 2021.

    Every Tuesday we run a seminar seminar series, with a range of talks from our PhD students, Research Associates and invited speakers. For now, these are held online over Zoom. Visit the link on the left hand side for our programme. To register to attend a particular seminar or be added to the mailing list, please email

    Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology – N4M – March 2022.

     N4M aims to bring together, in an informal context, great scientists from all over the world, exploiting nanoengineering tools to address fascinating mechanobiology problems. The ivory tower atmosphere of the location offers an ideal environment to discuss new ideas and meet companies offering cutting-edge technological tools in the field. You can have more details about the meeting, have a look at the venue or contact us if you have ideas, questions or curiosities.