Glasgow Orthopaedic Research Initiative – miniGLORI 2018


Further to the GLORI meeting organised back in February 2018 Dr Penelope M Tsimbouri has organised a smaller and vibrant “miniGLORI” involving people working on bone marrow related projects and more. Please RSVP with Dr Tsimbouri if you plan to attend. Hold the date for miniGLORI 2018!
When: Friday 23rd of November, 1:30-4:30pm.
Venue: room 526 James Watt South Building, University of Glasgow.

GLORI was founded in 2009 by MD Mr Dominic Meek and Prof Matt Dalby to encourage collaboration towards clinical translation of research, with a focus on next-generation orthopaedic care. It combines expertise from orthopaedic surgeons, biologists, engineers and chemists from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities.

Agenda for miniGLORI2018 here in printable pdf format

Session 1
13:30 Prof Matt Dalby/Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez/Mr Dominic Meek: “Introduction”
13:35 Virginia Llopis-Hernandez: social media @theglasgowcemi
13:40 Ian Kennedy: “Nanoscale vibrations to modulate osteogenesis”
13:55 Sara Trujillo Muñoz: “Fibronectin hydrogels for the vascularisation of bone”
14:10 Tom Hodgkinson: “Identification and in vitro screening of osteogenic metabolites through supplement-free nanovibration-driven mesenchymal stem cell differentiation”
14:25 Oana Dobre: “Hybrid Laminin-based hydrogels for efficient presentation of growth factors”

14:40 -15:10 Break

Session 2
15:10 Hannah Donnelly: “Synergistic integrin-growth factor microenvironments to bioengineer the bone marrow niche”
15:25 William Marshall: “Fracture non-union in dogs and cats: engineering a solution”
15:40 Katie Douglas: “Investigating dormancy and awakening of pancreatic cancer using tunable 3D hydrogels”
15:55 Jake Cason: “Investigating cancer cell dormancy and recurrence in the bone marrow niche”
16:10 Discussion
16:30 End of meeting