Three cool covers


We have started the year with three of our latest papers featured on the covers of journals. The researchers that produced the papers are giddy with happiness to have these incredibly pretty pieces of art to show off. Thanks to the very talented Mark, Sara and Alex!

These are the papers:

High Efficiency BMP‐2 Coatings: Nanoscale Coatings for Ultralow Dose BMP‐2‐Driven Regeneration of Critical‐Sized Bone Defects. Zhe A. Cheng et al.  Adv. Sci. 2/2019.

Tissue Engineering: Functionalization of PLLA with Polymer Brushes to Trigger the Assembly of Fibronectin into Nanonetworks. Mark Robert Sprott et al. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 3/2019.

Boron Ions: Simultaneous Boron Ion‐Channel/Growth Factor Receptor Activation for Enhanced Vascularization. Patricia Rico et al. Adv. Biosys. 1/2019.