CeMi Symposium: Laying a path for translation of academic research


On Wednesday 1st July, the CeMi held its first Symposium focusing on the translation of academic research. This one-day event had a range of speakers from academia and companies, as well as a keynote talk by Professor Jeffrey Hubbell from University of Chicago, titled: Engineering the matrix – from regeneration to cancer immunotherapy.

The day really was an exciting one and gave valuable insight of the journey from bench to translation. We had talks by Dr Don Wellings (SpheriTech Ltd), Dr Neal Miller on his journey from academic research to Causeway Therapeutics, Prof Sheila McNeil her research at University of Sheffield and the journey with MySkin, Dr John Sinden (ReNeuron) and Prof Sian Harding (Imperial College London). We then had the pleasure of two talks by Dr Ewan Ross and Dr Sara Trujillo-Munoz on the current research happening in the CeMi.

The day was topped off with Prof Hubbell’s talking about a wide range of his groups recent work, such as using ECM matrix binding sites to target tumours not-responsive to advanced antibody therapy with ‘deadly’ interleukins (IL12) followed by some canapes and networking.

We are sure that attendees took away a lot from the event, and thoughts are now in process for a future event!

Full agenda with talk titles can be viewed here: CeMi symposium 20190731.