Mini-GLORI Symposium


In December we held a mini-GLORI symposium, bringing together the Centre and colleagues from the NHS, listening to a range of talks from our talented students. The talks ranged from bioengineering 3D microenvironments to study mechanotransduction and vascularization in bone regeneration; current research on the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation Project from Simon Clarke, new Clinical Fellow on the grant and CDT student; and developing a versatile 3D Bioprinting platform among the other exciting areas that were presented.

GLORI (Glasgow Orthopaedic Research Initiative) is an initiative set up in 2009, aiming to bring together the latest ideas in basic materials research to use to deliver the next generation of orthopaedic care. It combines expertise from orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, biologists, engineers and chemists.

Our mini-GLORI symposium is from internal speakers with a larger scale GLORI symposium held later. The next GLORI is symposium is 19th February, details: