HEALIKICK logo competition

HEALIKICK – logo design brief
Competition details
To create a logo for the HEALIKICK project. The chosen logo will be used on communication and dissemination materials throughout the project.
Logo entries to the competition should be emailed to HEALIKICK Admin (healikick-admin@glasgow.ac.uk) by 3rd July 2020. Entries should be sent in PDF format, but the winning logo will be required in .jpg and .png format.
There is no limit to the amount of entries you can submit.
Good luck!
Project Overview
The HEALIKICK project is a five year Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action with five academic and industrial Partners from across Europe (UK, Spain and Germany).
The overarching aim of this project is to develop a modular graft system for bone healing and regeneration in cases of major orthopaedic fracture and bone loss, particularly those resulting from trauma. Non-union fractures are common and their treatment is a significant healthcare burden when considering the growing incidence of osteoporosis related fragility fractures. Over 2 million surgical cases require bone graft each year worldwide, however, current products and clinical practice have their limitations. We aim to develop graft technologies which provide the efficacy of autograft with the benefits of being an off-the-shelf surgical product. This modular system includes (1) a medical device – ceramic bone graft granules coated with a highly osteogenic coating that promotes fibronectin organisation into nanonetworks – HEALIOST and (2) an ATMP – an allogenic cell therapy comprised of adipose derived mesenchymal stromal cells (aMSCs) which have been osteogenically primed for bone repair using specific nanovibrational stimulation – NANOKICKING.
  • Logo will often be very small (e.g. top right corner of a Word document) so a simple design is required, no intricate detail that would be lost when logo is a small size.
  • Will require RGB colours used in logo for branding.
  • 2 versions of logo; image, image and project name.
  • Logo required in .jpg (high resolution) and .png0 (high resolution), plus .eps if possible.
Health-related biotechnology, stem cell therapy, growth factors, implant coating, medical device, cell engineering, graft, bone, nanovibration, fibronectin, cells, materials.
No restrictions on colours and colour palette.
Logo usage
The logo will be used for branding documentation (Microsoft Word, Power Point etc.) The logo will also be used on stationary and signage/posters.
Target market
Scientific Community and general public