Mind & Body Healing Symposium


Event information

The University of Glasgow and University College London are joining together for a half day symposium, in support of the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation. Both teams are working with the Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of victims of conflict. The Foundation’s work is so important to civilians affected by war, often in disadvantaged areas and often affecting children emotionally, physiologically and physically. Our Mind & Body Healing Symposium will give an insight of the work from both teams and how two very different projects have the same end goal – improving the lives of civilians in war torn countries such as Cambodia and Jordan.

University of Glasgow speakers will present talks on the development of a novel technology that will re-grow the bone of civilians who have had broken or shattered bones as a result of landmines, car crash or any other form of accident.

University College London speakers will present talks on the development and testing of novel experimental treatments for traumatic stress, addiction and anxiety disorders.

The online symposium will be open to the public and scientific community, to raise awareness of the work of the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation. It is a free event and in exchange we would like to ask for donations to the Foundation (see flyer).

SBCF is a UK registered charity founded in 2011 by sporting legend Sir Bobby Charlton in support of victims of conflict.

‘The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation’s support for conflict affected communities takes many forms but all have the same goals of alleviating suffering, ending discrimination and helping beneficiaries to fulfil their potential. We do this in the following ways:

Humanitarian & Development Assistance, Education & Training, Research & Innovation’

More information about the charity and the work they support can be found at https://www.thesbcfoundation.org/