Welcome to our new Research Associate!


The CeMi has gained a new member of the team! Welcome to Laura Sabio Rodríguez who will be working with Profs Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and Massimo Vassalli. If you see Laura around the lab, say hi! Here is some blurb on our new CeMi member:

‘My full name is Laura Sabio Rodríguez, I come from Granada (Andalusia, in the south of Spain) and now I’m going to start here as a Research associate.

Although I am a Biochemist with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, I did my PhD at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Granada (Spain) under the supervision of Dr. José Manuel Domínguez Vera and Dr. José Manuel Delgado López. My thesis focused on the development, characterisation and application of biomaterials, such as bacterial cellulose and collagen, in combination with probiotics. For the testing of these hybrid living materials, I have not only performed antimicrobial tests with multidrug-resistant pathogens isolated from hospital patients, but I have also collaborated with the Department of Applied Physics (UGR), which has allowed me to acquire knowledge in the characterisation of the mechanical properties of hybrid biomaterials.

During my PhD, I completed a stay at the Institut des Sciences de la Terre, in Grenoble (France), where I had access to the Beamline BM02 of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF).

Now, I am joinning the CeMi under the supervision of Manuel Salmeron Sanchez and Massimo Vassalli, and I will be working with Alex in the genetic engineering of probiotics to obtain advanced Hybrid Living Materials.

In addition to my lab experience, I enjoy giving informative talks at events such as the European Researchers’ Night and participating in orientation talks at different secondary and primary schools.

On the other hand, my profile is not only biochemical. I have done several courses on vectorial design and I have experience in the use of software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Blender. In addition to digital and traditional art, I am interested in hiking, skiing and climbing!’