Media coverage of our bone regeneration tech


Highlights of the media impact of our recent successful bone regeneration trial on a veterinary patient

Led by the excellent PR team at Find a Better Way, we had quite a lot of media impact during 2017, with coverage of our bone regeneration trial on a veterinary patient at the Small Animal Hospital at the University of Glasgow. Highlights in December were the BBC News Channel interviews, the Radio 4 PM interview with Eddie Maer, and Lou McGrath’s appearance on Radio Scotland. Below we’ve put together a list of the coverage we are aware of, mostly on December 29th and 30th:

  • Several BBC News Channel clips (radio prerecorded package followed by interviews with Matt, William, and Fiona & Eva – the last of these interviews was run as a recording several times more).
  • BBC News at Six (BBC One) clip (radio prerecorded package, which also ran during the News at Ten)
  • Radio 4 World at One – Interview with Matt
  • Radio 4 PM – Prerecorded interview with Matt (from World at One) plus live interviews with Fiona and Stuart.
  • Radio 5 Live – New prerecorded interview with Matt
  • Radio Scotland – live interview with Lou
  • BBC Radio 4 6 O’Clock News – radio pre recorded package
  • World Service Newshour – prerecorded interview with Stuart
  • Radio 4 World Tonight – last item in the news bulletin, included clip from Matt
  • Radio Wales, on the morning of 30 Dec, new prerecorded interview with Matt
  • BBC World – Manuel’s and Lou’s interviews.
  • BBC news bulletins on R1, R2, or R3 – several snippets
  • CBS news (USA) – radio prerecorded package


More info and links to clips also in this post in the FABW site

Earlier in during the summer the recovery of Eva after her surgery was already reported by several media sources, some of them clipped below:

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