Archive: March 31, 2020

Sir Bobby Charlton Strategic Board Meeting, 04/03/2020

On Wednesday 4th March we held the annual Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation Annual Strategic Board meeting. Jane Bateman, a member of the SBCF board, was in attendance. Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez & Matt Dalby, Principal Investigators, welcome all members of the team and particularly Jane Bateman, a new member of the SBCF board, who joined the

GLORI 2020 Symposium

On Wednesday 19th February, the Glasgow Orthopaedic Research Initiative held it’s 8th symposium, bringing together expertise from the fields of orthopaedics, plastic surgery, biology, engineering and chemistry. The event was held in the Debates Chamber of the Glasgow University Student Union and with 90 registered attendees, the day was an exciting one! Professor Dominic Meek